About us


Jonathan’s Story

Jonathan is the living and breathing proof that physical therapy had failed him. 

After a total of 5 surgeries and contracting meningitis at 7 years old and having a stroke at 9 years old, he required extensive physical and occupational therapy. Unfortunately and regrettably he was a non-compliant patient and never fully recovered.

This is what spurred Jonathan’s vision for Verapy and drives his passion in helping others succeed where he did not with their physical therapy.

Want to help re-imagine physical therapy? 

Leadership Team

Jonathan Truong 

Co-founder CEO/CCE (Chief Creative Executive)    jtruong@verapytherapy.com

Born from Vietnamese immigrants, Jonathan moved to Tampa, Florida to pursue his entrepreneurial visions. He brings 3 years of fashion and graphic design experience with a focus in UI/UX.

He co-founded a menswear line Advent Royals in Dallas, Texas. After moving to Tampa he worked for the Tampa Bay Wave and help build their startup accelerator.


Tad Svendrys 

Co-founder & CFO/COO

Tad brings 17 years of experience in multiple corporate roles including Sales Operations, Marketing, Product Development, and Finance.

He founded a family-owned transportation company, owned a document management & shredding business in New York, and co-founded a managed technology services company. With these great experiences, Tad developed an entrepreneurial passion for technology-based startups.

Bryan Bonvallet

Director of Architecture

Bryan is a computer scientist from Michigan. He received Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Systems Science and Bioinformatics from Michigan Technological University. Since then, Bryan has performed full stack web programming, data analytics, IT, and DevOps professionally for 10 years.

He  has particular experience managing data collection systems starting from his first job with MIT Lincoln Laboratory and recurring throughout his career across various positions and contracts.

Advisory Board

Richard Munassi 

Health Technology

David Cohen 

Professional Sports